About me

Hi.! I am Aman Negi, a Graphic Designer/Web Developer by profession. I am no philosopher or an intellect, I never thought that writing could be one of my skills. I love traveling, listening music, meeting people, sharing experiences and joy. To be honest i am trying to be aware of myself as an entity of this universe. As we all know that the universe exist because of the relativity of the planet and yes the gravitational force between them, the same way our life exist to be in relativity to many different lives on earth.!

Each one of us have a purpose in life, the tricky part is to identify it 😉
I have created this blog as Peace Raiser, to bring peace & hope in people’s life because i think we often talk about world peace but we forget that “Change begins within”.! Living a peaceful life and leading others to a happy life is one of the biggest cause on earth.!

All the blog post here are not to justify what is right or wrong, good or bad.! They are based on my experiences on those topics and i wish that i can inspire, give hope or a momentary smile to the person reading the posts.!

Loads of Love.. Peace and Happiness..!!


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