Perception and Life

“Humans see what they want to see.”

Yes. we see what we want to see, feel how we want to feel. The emotions always arise from you not from the other entity. Our environment can only help us to arise some emotions within us, but at the end you are the master of your thoughts and life.

From a period of time i was very much into the connection of thoughts, vision and perception of the things that happen around us. So far i have experienced that life will always be the same until we believe in the power of our perception.

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”
So we cannot see the beauty until and unless we perceive the beauty in an object, person, place or situation.
And living in a society full of different minded people, we have different visions and understanding. So when we go out and face the real world, we are caught up in the perceptions of others and try living and making our perceptions accordingly.! Don’t you think that we complicate things to the extreme when we live that way?

To make my life simple i have applied some simple rules:
1. Perceive GOODNESS in people
2. Say / Do what you think is RIGHT
3. Don’t worry how people PERCEIVE you.

There are millions of people around us, and think if we start acting as per the perception of other people. We would not be able to live life like we want to, but will end up in a life how people expects and perceive.!

Sometimes its ok when people don’t get it, because you can never change the perception of other person but yourself and remember to be happy even people are perceiving sadness. 🙂

Happiness CANNOT be defined by the way how OTHERS perceive our life and emotions but how WE perceive it.!


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