A life fully Lived.!!

Days spent well in continuity will end up in a Good Life.!

We all are born, we all live and we all die. It’s a human life cycle that we all go through, but what makes it different ?
Its the unique identity of each person, its surroundings, the emotions he/she experiences, in short how the person lives. Its like we share the same start and end point i.e. Birth and Death, but have a different path to reach the eternity.! A different movie in its own with yes a start and an end.!

The existence of “Life” on the planet earth is not just a random phenomenon that happens every leap year, but it took thousands of years. Like from Big Bang explosion to the creation of planet, then the elements and then the life.! So if hundreds of well known scientist would try to, say re-do the experiment of Life. I would doubt that they could do so. And we are fortunate enough to live a life that came from no where.! A’int we Lucky šŸ˜‰

But have you ever thought that “Am i doing justice to my life?” or “Am i living my life to the fullest?”.

I did.! The day we start having gratitude to the life we have got will be the first step to actually live it.!
How do i live it ?
By living each moment.! Now don’t count the seconds in the day šŸ˜›

Want a Happy Life ? Live It.. simple as that.!
Have a Dream ? Fulfill It..
Want to Travel ? Save money and Travel..
Want to Learn Guitar ? Play It..
Want to be Loved ? Be Lovable..

Its all very simple until we start applying the “If” and “But”. And what we do is that we starting living between those two words and forget the purpose.!

By the years passing by, i have learnt one thing that if you want a good life you have to work upon your life to make it good. All you have to do is to make sure your thoughts, words and action are in uniformity..!

For me a well lived life is a life without any regret, without any grudges, being happy, yes very happy so that we can share happiness with each person that we meet throughout.

Smile and Live.. Live and Smile..!! šŸ™‚


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